NortecView, an Israeli-American startup, develops and deploys innovative cross-platform mobile, IoT and web solutions for gas utility companies and other constructed assets industries.

Our products are the outcome of a fruitful collaboration with the American Gas Technology Institute (GTI) and the funding of the Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation as well as the natural gas distribution companies in North America (OTD).

We provide a single tool that captures all field data during construction to ensure regulatory compliance, improved data integrity & public safety, and reduced O&M costs.

Our technology is suitable for any industry that constructs critical infrastructure in the field such as pipes, cables, railroads and highways – where workmanship quality and materials traceability are important.


To create the next generation of smart utilities technologies


To provide our customers with innovative and easy-to-use tools for smart data management




Single Platform for Field Data Collection

NortecView is the first of its kind in the gas utilities market to provide a single platform to collect all data required for field constructed assets. Our platform is the primary collection mechanism that integrates and delivers all field data from the different sensors and hardware in the field to the enterprise systems.

Build-Your-Own Mobile App

With a few button clicks, our modular architecture enables customers to configure the mobile application’s modules, forms and fields. Customers can also customize the application by using our library of powerful pre-built features, making it adjustable to any complex field workflow.

The pre-built features include common activities to field data collection for field constructed assets in various industries, such as:

  • Barcode scanning that creates an entity in GIS
  • High accuracy GPS
  • Personnel qualification checks
  • Material verification checks

Integrated Platform for Smart Data Management

To enable customers to configure the mobile application’s, visualize their field data, manage their resources and create future projections, NortecView developed an easy-to-use web-tool with three primary goals

  • Create a real-time bridge between field users and back-office
  • Integrate with other enterprise systems (ERP, GIS…)
  • Automate and expedite projects’ closing packages  
  • Create intelligent data analytics tools for future cost-saving purposes    

Smart Hardware

NortecView’s latest hardware development is a cutting edge IoT box for sensor-based data collection during construction. Our IP67 portable IoT Box can communicate with various types of existing devices and sensors in the field (such as fusion machines and pressure sensors) and to send the data in real-time directly to a mobile device via Bluetooth or to the Cloud using a cellular network.


Cross-platform (iOS, Android, Windows) Regulatory compliance
Integration into the enterprise systems (ERP, GIS…) GIS features populated automatically
Increased data integrity by elimination of paper-based processes Supports offline functionality
Supported by leading utilities Super-friendly user interface
Intermediates the field to the back office in real-time Provides end-to-end unified platform for data management

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BIRD Foundation’s 40th Anniversary
American Ambassador’s house
January 2018


The annual Esri Convention in Israel
December 2017
Come and meet us at the European Utility Week in Vienna!
November 3-5, 2015
Booth  A.d23 (the Israel Export Institute Pavilion)

NortecView’s team at the Australian Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference
March 2015
Perth, Australia
Presenting our technology at the BIRD Conference – “Capitalizing on Global R&D Collaboration” – December 2014

Busy at the World Gas Conference
June 2015
Paris, France
With the US Ambassador to Israel at the BIRD Energy Dinner Reception – November 2014

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Mr. Shahar Levi – Co-Founder & CEO


Ms. Emily Speiser – Marketing Director